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InabyamaCastle Guard Feb 7, 09
Zhu Rong would make a good trainer.
too bad I dont know any of those pokemon though.
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Artirtico Feb 7, 09
She absolutely would As for the pokemon, they're all my own sprites so it's great that you thought they were real pokemon They don't have any significance to Zhu Rong here - it was just something put together to see if this card layout worked really I do have another card that is actually themed on Zhu Rong later on somewhere where everything has significance
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InabyamaCastle Guard Feb 7, 09
Ah I see Well done to you, or perhaps shame on the newer pokemon for being so ridiculous Now that you mention it I do see Charizard perhaps morphed with something else in bottom left, Nidoqueen in top right, Rhydon in top left, and maybe Quagmire in bottom right. Well done sir
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Artirtico Feb 10, 09
Ha! so my sprites are more like the less amazing new generation stuff hmm!? Other than the blue dragon, it is admittedly hard to tell what they're themed around which does set them apart from the largely animal-related oldies I am however still pretty happy with all 4 of those sprites with the bottom right remaining my favourite of mine In regards to the 'morphing' (fusing is the term that we like to use ) bottom left does indeed involve Charizard as well as Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Hitmonlee, Garchomp and Flygon; top right (which is in fact intended to be an alternative Nidorina evolution although Nidoqueen itself isn't used) used Nidorina, Bayleef, Gabite, Slowbro, Nidoran (male), Bagon, Flareon and Amphy! (which you can't see as it was just for the tail ); Top left involves Nidoking, Nidorino, Gallade, Latios, Tyrogue, Hitmonlee, Tauros and Mothim; Bottom right - 'Quagmire' eh That just reminds me of Angela the herbalist - nope, no Quagsire anyhow - there's Gible, Charizard, Linoone and Dewgong Hehe, anyway - thankyou my noble lord!

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